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Clothing Swap!

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Tomorrow there is a clothing swap on campus!  Organized by two fabulous RAs in the CT Commons dorms, this is a great opportunity to send clothing you don’t want to a new home!

The event is on Tuesday, October 1st from 4:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. in the Branford Lounge in CT Commons. You can drop off your contributions from Noon until 10pm at Branford on Tuesday, or at the Branford Office today.

This event is an awesome example of the culture of sustainability we’re working hard to promote at UConn, and we here at the OEP are thrilled to see RAs creating these opportunities for their students!

The Details:

Feel free to bring all swapping items down to the Branford Office at anytime for the event on October 1st. The actual refreshments and swap will start at 4 and go until 10pm!

Clothing Swap-friendly items:

Work-out wear


What not to bring:

Note that all unclaimed items are donated to various local non-profits that provide clothing to people in need. Out of respect for fellow swappers and your community, please bring items nice enough to lend to a friend. Do not bring ripped, dirty, stained items or those with broken zippers, etc. All items must be freshly laundered and/or dry cleaned before arriving at our swap events. Thank you for your understanding.

Reusing flyer


If you have clothing that is not in good enough condition to swap or donate, consider putting it in a Clothing recycling box, such as Planet Aid so that it can be recycled as a textile, rather than just putting it in the trash.

Author: UConn OEP

The Office of Environmental Policy at the University of Connecticut brings together students, faculty, staff, and the community for a more environmentally sustainable campus.

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