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Going Green at Rentschler Field!

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This week we’re gearing up for the big Green Game Day against Maryland on Saturday!  To help get ready, let’s look at some of the green features at Rentschler field – home of Husky Football!

Starting with the standard – the Rent has multiple recycling bins throughout concourse!  Recycling bins have been relabeled by Coca-Cola, and messages reminding fans to recycle their bottles and cans will be aired during GGD.

The Rent also recycles all grease used from kitchen and concession stands.  Recycling grease helps keep it out of landfills, as well as preventing it from contaminating pipes and the water supply system.  Recycled grease can be used for many things, including to make biodiesel!

Showing an even greater commitment to reducing waste, the Rent composts food waste from the kitchens!  Composting is an awesome way to turn potential waste into a useful product!

Finally, Rentschler field has a clean up group that comes after events to clean up bottles and cans from the parking lot.  Although at Green Game Day, UConn volunteers will be going through the parking lots to collect bottles and cans and educate fans about recycling, we can’t  come to most events.  This clean up group helps prevent bottles and cans from becoming litter and going into our waterways, as well as making sure they get recycled, and not just thrown out.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! Go Huskies!  And remember – Go Green, Stay Blue!

Author: UConn OEP

The Office of Environmental Policy at the University of Connecticut brings together students, faculty, staff, and the community for a more environmentally sustainable campus.

One thought on “Going Green at Rentschler Field!

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